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Tenant Referral Program

Please help us build a better community together! Contact with your referral!

If you are an Apollo Property Management and Developments Tenant and know a friend, family member, or business connection looking for a space, you could receive up to $1000 off one month’s rent.

Here’s how the program works:


  1. Refer a friend, family member or business connection for a vacancy and receive one month (up to $1000) off your base rent.

  2. The referral shall be screened and approved by landlord prior to entering into a lease agreement.

  3. The referral will be required to sign a lease agreement with our company.

  4. The discount can only be used on base rent and NOT for other expenditures (i.e., invoices, maintenance, etc.)

  5. The discount must be applied before December 31st of the qualifying year.

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